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Are you tired of the power struggle with your kids over food at the table? Are you worried about your kid's growth? Do you feel stuck regularly to squeeze meals into your packed schedule? Let's discover the solutions together!

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Hi, I am Dr. Qianzhi Jiang

Who am I?

My name is Qianzhi (sounds like change with a long Geeee at the end), the Nutrition Changer. I am a mother of two who enjoys delicious family meals. Born and raised in China, I marry cooking and cultures from both sides of the world. 


What do I do?

My passion lies in empowering YOU to make changes to the nutrition of you and your beloved ones. I love seeing families incorporate culturally healthful and meaningful foods into their meals for happy life and optimal nutrition. I love seeing parents confidently raise healthy food lovers. 

Where was I trained?

I have a PhD in nutrition and am a Registered Dietitian based in the Greater Boston area. 


Need an expert?

If you are looking for a nutrition expert with influence, I provide a variety of services from media interviews, content creation to consulting. Download my media kit to learn more!


Health Writing & Quotes

With 10+ years working in nutrition research and higher education, I translate scientific findings to plain languages for the general public. My writing is 100% evidence based.


Brand Partnership

I am always ready to deliver fun, educational, and engaging activities to my audience, such as social media campaigns, cooking demonstrations, workshops, and curriculum development.



Whether you need to add nutritional values to your current products or come up with a new menu for a specific clientele, I have something to offer, including nutrient analysis, recipe development, and more.


Corporate Wellness Program

Happy and Healthy Employees = High Productivity


Holistic Approaches to Improve Nutrition

I believe food is not just about delivering nutrients for health. It also holds emotional and cultural significance. I treat whole persons instead of symptoms by taking a comprehensive approach to achieve optimal nutrition and health.


Chronic Disease and Weight Management

I teach people how to prevent and better manage chronic diseases by adopting healthy lifestyle habits. I empower people to focus on building a healthy relationship with food, listening to their internal cues for hunger and fullness, and making small steps to improve their overall nutrition. Weight balance usually follows naturally.


Family Nutrition for Working Parents

As a working mother of two, I am especially passionate about empowering other working parents to raise healthy, happy kids while taking care of their own health, at work and at home. I have tons of experiences and tips to share with your employees!


Customized Activities and More!

Contact me and I would love to learn more about the unique needs of your employees! Whether they work on a computer or perform physically demanding tasks, regardless of their age, marital status, or working schedules, I have what it takes to address the most pressing nutritional concerns of your employees.

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