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Are you tired of the power struggle with your kids over food at the table? Are you worried about your kid's growth? Do you feel stuck regularly to squeeze meals into your packed schedule? Let's discover the solutions together!

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Hi, I am Dr. Qianzhi Jiang

Who am I?

My name is Qianzhi (sounds like change with a long Geeee at the end), the Nutrition Changer. I am a mother of two who enjoys delicious family meals. Born and raised in China, I marry cooking and cultures from both sides of the world. 


What do I do?

My passion lies in empowering YOU to make changes to the nutrition of you and your beloved ones. I love seeing families incorporate culturally healthful and meaningful foods into their meals for happy life and optimal nutrition. I love seeing parents confidently raise healthy food lovers. 

Where was I trained?

I have a PhD in nutrition and am a Registered Dietitian based in the Greater Boston area. 

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